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Obaku rose mother of pearl dial watch (Lyng Lille Rose)

  • Have you ever ventured into a meadow or a field sprinkled with wild grass and all kinds of flowers. Chances are you most likely stumbled upon a fine plant called Heath or Heather. That would be Lyng’s name in English, a coincidence worth mentioning. Don’t let the delicate name fool you, Lyng is built from the finest stainless steel and keeps time thanks to a precise Japanese movement.

Obaku Rose Mother Of Pearl Dial Watch

SKU: 2212-1272
  • Items may be returned if still in original condition

    • Up to 30 days money back refund
    • Up to 60 days refund as store credit only
    • Never take your watch into a hot shower, jacuzzi, sauna or hot tub. The combination of extreme heat and water may cause your watch to lose some of its water resistance. 
    • Do not operate buttons or pull out crown under water or when watch is wet.
    • Do not wear leather bands in water.
    • Avoid exposing your watch to strong chemicals, perfume, soap or solvents as they may cause discoloration, deterioration or damage to strap, rubber seals, and lubricants essential to the life of the watch. 
    • Water resistance is not permanent. Over the course of time, the gasket of the case and/or crown may become worn & reduce the water resistance level. 
    • Do not attempt to repair the watch yourself.
    • Every effort is made to ensure that your timepiece is designed to withstand impact under normal use. Please avoid severe impacts or dropping on hard surfaces. 
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