Full Service Jeweler

Ear Piercing

When you get your ears pierced at Fliegauf Jewelers, we pierce both ears at the same time.  One, two, three click and done!  We have over twenty styles to choose from, all surgical steel and safely sealed.  Children must be at least 5 years old.  Cost is $20 (includes the earrings)

Bench Jeweler

With over 30 years experience, our bench jeweler does most repair work, setting or alterations in house.  We offer the following services:

- Ring sizing

- Diamond setting

- Prong retipping

- Chain & bracelet repairs

- Jewelry alterations

- Watch shortening & battery replacement

- Bead restringing (out of house)


We offer several types of appraisals to suit your needs:


- Insurance Appraisal - This is the most detailed type of appraisal. It involves mapping out inclusions on all diamonds over 1/2 carat. Minimum charge is $60.

- Update Appraisal - If you have an old insurance appraisal, we can update is to the current replacement value. Minimum charge is $20.

   •     Fair Market Value Appraisal - This type of appraisal evaluates how much that one may anticipate receiving in a transaction between a willing buyer and a willing seller, time not being of the essence. Minimum charge is $10.

   •     Estate Appraisal - This is similar to a fair market value appraisal, but is used for evaluating merchandise transferred from an estate. Minimum charge is $40.

   •     Appraisal to Buy - this is when the customer wants to sell the jewelry to us. We will examine your jewelry and test it for gold content then make you an offer. If the offer is taken, we need a form of ID to photocopy for our records. We offer cash in the form of a check or store credit. A daily report of items we purchase from the public is sent to the police.  There is no charge for this service.

   •     Verbal Appraisal - This verbal appraisal evaluates the current replacement value of merchandise. People usually request this when they want to know if they paid a fair price for jewelry bought at another store. Minimum charge is $10.


All engraving is done on the premises.  We can accomodate large orders as we engrave for several schools in the area.  We also engrave most metal objects including:

- Plaques

- Trophies

- Baby gifts

- Frames

- Clocks

- Inside of rings

- Bronze plaques for long term outdoor use (outsourced)

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