14kt rose gold diamond pendant

  • Diamond weight 0.10 carats
  • Chain is 14kt white gold and measures 18" in length.

14kt Rose Gold Diamond Heart Shaped Pendant

SKU: 05253-1184
Color: Black
  • We suggest keeping this piece out of pools and hot tubs that use chlorine, as well as keeping out of saltwater.

    Chlorine, whether it is found in chlorine bleach used for cleaning, in the swimming pool or in the hot tub can degrade gold and silver jewelry to the point of disintegration. The actual damage to the jewelry piece is due to something commonly called stress corrosion cracking. Whether there is already stress in the joints of the jewelry or it has been repaired, these existing stress points cause a failure in the integrity of the jewelry when exposed to chlorine. A gold ring, placed in undiluted bleach, can disintegrate within minutes of exposure. The higher the karat of the gold in the jewelry, the longer it takes for the chlorine to cause stress fractures.

    Saltwater is another corrosive substance that can cause significant damage to jewelry. Due to the harsh nature and salt content of sea water, exposure to salt water can erode the soldered joints of custom jewelry. Most gold and platinum rings are made with mounts soldered to the main band with white gold or silver. These solder joints take the most wear in any situation; however, saltwater can erode the joints and cause mounts and settings for gemstones to fail. Platinum and titanium are sterner, more durable metals and can withstand some light exposure to saltwater or sea water.  We recommend removing any precious metal jewelry prior to swimming in a saltwater pool or the ocean.

  • All items purchased in-store or online come with a cash back return policy for up to 30 days from date of purchase, and store credit for up to 60 days from date of purchase.  Item must be in original condition with no signs of wear.

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